Nash Bobbin Glow Pipe

3.090 Ft3.390 Ft

Nash Bobbin Glow Pipe

Use fibre optic technology to illuminate Nash Bobbin Heads with a wicked pulsing glow direct from the Siren R3 alarms allowing you to match any R3 LED colour.


  • Direct attachment into Siren R3 alarms
  • Fibre Optic light transmission
  • Colour matches your Nash Bobbin head to your LEDs
  • Unique regenerating glow
  • Available in 12 and 20cm

See TECH SPEC tab for fitting instructions/user guide


NOTE: Glow Pipes replicate LED colours of R3 alarms only, for use with third party alarms use the Glow Pipe Adaptor

Fitting Glow Pipes to Siren R3s

1. Remove the Light Pipe from the blister pack. Do NOT remove the soft moulded diffuser at one end.2. Remove the rubber grommet from the direct connection socket at the front of the R3 alarm.3. Push the end of the Glow Pipe WITHOUT the soft moulded diffuser into the R3’s connection socket, and carefully screw into the thread. The end of the Glow Pipe MUST be touching the LED inside the R3.4. Your Nash Bobbin Head can now be screwed on to the end of the Glow Pipe that has the soft moulded diffuser.


Fitting Drag Weights to Glow Pipes

1. Temporarily remove the moulded diffuser from the end of the Glow Pipe.2. Loosen the two sections of threaded collar at the same end of the Glow Pipe by unscrewing two complete turns.3. Push the collar down the Glow Pipe by 7mm to make room for the drag weight and retighten to lock it into position.4. To add several drag weights slide the collars further along the Glow Pipe to create the additional space required. To fit two Drag Weights slide the collar 14mm, for three drag weights 21mm.5. Slide the drag weight on and screw into the threaded collar.6. Replace the moulded diffuser at the end of the Glow Pipe. Your Nash Bobbin Head can now be slid on and screwed to the Drag Weight.


Short (12cm), Long (20cm)

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